Saturday, April 17, 2010

tasty tropical treat

Our wonderful neighbors took us out to Vietnamese food the other month and ordered us something similar to this for one of our desserts. Beans for dessert you may ask? Yep. Different but good. Honestly though the beans were not the highlight for me. It was the coconut milk. Deliciously creamy, icy cold.... I want some more.

While at Trader Joe's I spotted this:

I purchased it.

I like about 1 T. of white sugar per cup of coconut milk served over Sonic ice. The whole can is about 250calories (excluding the sugar) and is rich enough to share with at least one person (that is enough sharing for me).

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Bethany said...

Coconut milk is so delicious! It's also extremely healthy for you--google "coconut milk health benefits." The fat in it is not bad fat, but good fat that the body easily processes and uses. Last summer, I made some awesome gf, dairy-free chocolate mint icecream that was based on coconut milk and oil.