Saturday, September 18, 2010

re-purposing bug

I had a couple uncovered pillows and a couch without pillows on it. I made these pillow covers out of 2 men's shirts. It is not quite the formal sitting room look but I had the shirts on hand (thanks to my mom!) and the colors match our wall colors pretty well.

Tonight I sewed this shirt that I was going to make into something like this but in my excitement of thinking how I could use the buttons to make cool straps I must have cut up the pieces for the skirt. Wow, it's really not that late... I do rather like the straps though. Anyways, this was a woman's button up shirt. I wanted Averi to be able to wear the shirt/skirt combo tomorrow for church but hopefully she can wear the shirt and her corduroy skirt. That is, if it fits!!!!


Heather said...

I LOVE them!!!!! I haven't re-purposed something in a while... I need to get my sewing mo-jo back! :)

Anna said...

Very Cute, love it!