Friday, August 5, 2011

"almost there"

It somehow seems that at 36 weeks pregnant Teenie should be here any day now. Possibly true, but possibly more like 30+ days. It also kind of seems to me that part of me should be dreading going into labor. Yes, it may have been the most painful experience of my life but what other pain have I ever had that has brought so much joy? I hope I would gladly endure much, much more discomfort then 10-12 hours of labor for the happy little feet that run around our house.

Another labor brings another round of unknowns. When will it happen? Will it be as long? Will it be my back again? Will I get to use the labor tub and will I even like it? How big is baby going to be? AND is our baby a boy or a girl????????

Soon I hope to know these things and experience the "happiest pain" I’ve ever had (round 2!). For now I best go about normal (whale) life and maybe while I am at it do some squats, kegels, try to go on walks, finish packing hospital bags, put a sheet on the bassinet, etc.


On a side note, I saw this on pinterest today and thought it was sweet. It may have made me tear up a little so good thing I didn't see it right after having Teenie or I probably would have been bawling.

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Kirsten said...

What a great post! You are nothing but belly and you look great! Nice to read your perspective on labor the second time around. You're almost there and I'll be praying for you. thanks for posting! =)