Friday, November 7, 2008

Curiousity (trys to) help the budget

I wondered how people used coupons to save bundles and wanted to know how to too. So, I went to a CouponSense meeting. That night I signed up, subscribed to the paper (I try to get at least 2 each Sunday), went to Walmart to get an organizing system (actually Pete did almost all the organizing) and have been pretty hooked on great deals ever since.

A couple days ago on a grocery trip I did 2 transactions at Fry's (my new favorite) and 1 at Albertson's.

I ended up with this for... ...$9
(tax included)

We, the Jack's, are still watching to see if the CouponSense subscription is worth the dues money (about $15 a month) but, the more weeks I have been a member the more I see it paying off.

and it's fun getting smokin' deals


Donna said...

Jenni! I hope you gave the referral to some very dear friend of yours. Otherwise, you should have used ME! Okay, not that I referred you, but I could have gotten some moola, LOL. We've been doing CS for over 4 years. Glad you found it; it does pay off, IMHO.
Donna (using Kristal's acct)

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness that's amaaazzing!!! nice work! -melody russell