Saturday, October 18, 2008

pumpkin season here we come

Unbaked 100% whole grain pumpkin cornbread with pepitas

Here it is baked
Here we have an unbaked pumpkin scone "log"
Here it is cut...

...and baked!

One thing that makes cold(er) weather a little more bearable is people's tendency to break out the pumpkin recipes - here we have two

Pumpkin is not the only positive ingredient in these baked goods - both were made with 100% genuine whole grains (King Arthur's White Whole Wheat and Bob's Red Mill Cornmeal)

The cornbread has a really good taste. A little dry (all the "liquid" in it is pumpkin!), yes, but a really good taste. For those who enjoy putting butter on their cornbread anyways
(and who doesn't) this cornbread would be just the thing.
The consistency while making it was pretty weird - I pretty much ended up "kneading" it by hand to mix in the pepitas and never had a chance to follow the directions, "Pour into pan". My method was more like, "Pick up orange dough ball and smoosh into prepared pan" -
whatever works.

I only tasted a bit of the scone (these are for a pumpkin event in a few days) but the bit I did taste was really great (and they don't even have icing on them yet - not that they are at all lacking in another less-than-nutritionally-desirable substance: butter).

I found these recipes here (changed the recipe to white whole wheat flour and 100% whole grain cornmeal) and here (changed the recipe to white whole wheat flour)

Amazingly easy, uncommonly healthy (especially for scones)

that's pumpkin for you


Rachel said...

I am glad you enjoyed the cornbread. Changing the recipe to whole wheat flour will make it much drier. I recommend all purpose.

Heather said...

ohhhhhhh, those look scrumptious!!! I'm definitely adding those to the must try for this fall.

Interesting about the whole wheat making it drier. I wonder if adding some addl wet ingredient or doing a half-half on the whole wheat would work?

thejacksgraze said...

hey Heather -
someone who tried the cornbread said they thought cornbread was supposed to be dry (I guess in a good cornbready way)... and it didn't seem to "crack" or anything... it just wasn't moist like quick breads or muffins... maybe the additional moisture/half ww would work though!