Saturday, November 21, 2009

peter pumpkin open house

it is often difficult for me to explain what I do when I "work"... which isn't very often (here we go again)...
usually thrown into my explanation are key words like, "food", "nutrition", "wellness", and "special events".
I used to work at this facility 3 days a week, before married life, with the Wellness program.

here is a "special event" that I helped work in October. it's main focus is more on "fun" and "food" than "nutrition" (although whole grains were used in the baking of many of these goods). "fun" is an important part of "wellness" anyways!

this was made at paradise bakery and brought by a nurse on staff.
this is something really, really lovely that my friend, Cathy, makes and deserves to be the highlight dish for this post.
it's a pumpkin you see. but inside this pumpkin is....
it is baked in that amazing looking pumpkin (and sweet skillet, but I digress). while serving, you are supposed to scoop out pumpkin with the stew as you wish - brilliant, lovely, and delicious!
pictured below are most of the other pumpkin goods that were served.
many people contributed

residents/wellness program members enjoying the food

a recipe book of many of the goods was available to those who wished-
-and I wished
(also made by Cathy)
this was the fourth annual peter pumpkin open house


Kathleen said...

So does the pumpkin have a hole in the bottom so the stew is touching the pan? It must, otherwise I am greatly confused. That looks like a lot of fun!

thejacksgraze said...

I think you cook the stew seperately first than stick it in the pumpkin that just has the guts taken out (so the bottom is intact) then bake it together. I'd have to look at the recipe for sure...

luannemacy said...

You know, I just happened to run across this post and realized it's at Mesa Good Shepard! I volunteered there 2x/week with the Stay in Balance falls prevention program (pilot study by a PhD student at ASU). I was involved there between March and July 2009 and worked with Cathy quite a bit. Small world!