Saturday, January 2, 2010

little pita buffalo chicken appetizers

the sidesare not "real" carrots tastier than "baby"?

the prep
lettucetomatoesswiss cheese

homemade pitas
we just made them "little" and used 50%-ish whole wheat/white
I think 100% whole wheat would be excellent as well

finished product

using this chicken
a little on the time consuming side but a fun project and very tasty indeed


Heather said...

Those look yummy. I've been on a pita making kick lately and looking for new fillings, or in this case toppings!

Myke Locksmith said...

Oooooh delish!!! I know what I'm making for dinner tonight! Doin' the happy food dance... feeling the flow!

Kirsten said...

Yum! Can't believe you made the pitas-so ambitious! Just found this blog today, thanks for your comment, I'll be checking in on it now. :)