Saturday, December 4, 2010

the sweater dress

There were a couple of online tutorials that helped me along with this idea... and I am not sure where those links are right now. here is my finished product!

This is made from a woman's sweater. It is the original neckline hem but I sewed it so the neckline was smaller. I wanted to get the bottom of the sweater in the dress (the closer together stripes) so I had to cut the sweater to get the right length for Averi. That left me with an unsightly seam so I thought the belt was a must. I was trying to sew on a belt made of some thicker cotton jean-ish material but had a very rough time sewing that with the ribbing of the sweater. Thankfully months ago I had picked up some random elastic at SAS and happened upon this thick blue elastic that I thought worked just fine for the belt!

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Sophia Totra said...

LOVE it, girl! So creative, she's adorable!