Wednesday, February 23, 2011

curried coconut chicken

As I was browsing through recipes I saw this.

Not only did I have some frozen stir fry vegetables (Kroger brand, nonetheless) but also (light) coconut milk and last week I restocked my supply of chicken breasts.

We had this for dinner this evening and I REALLY liked it. I only made 2 chicken breasts and the 3 of us ate half of them (they were a pretty good size) and almost all of the veggies over brown rice. Averi seemed to really like this meal a lot!

I thought that putting in the frozen veggies at the beginning was going to make them WAY too cooked so I added them in with about 2-2.5 hours to go (I cooked it on low for most of it. The chicken was partially frozen when I started and it cooked for 7-8 hours on low primarily). I would not put the veggies in there ANY earlier than that and would probably do it a little bit later next time as they were plenty soft. I would also think about doubling the veggies and maybe also doubling the coconut milk/curry as I like having plenty of fluid for the rice. There was really plenty of "fluid" for our meal but the leftovers, which is mostly chicken, don't have THAT much.

Pete and I added quite a bit of salt to ours while we were eating and I added some red pepper flakes to mine which I thought was SUPER good. I don't know how much salt I would add to it in the crockpot (though I believe I did add some!) just because it was nice to just salt to our own taste.

I plan on making this again - it was super easy and I thought really really tasty!

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