Thursday, February 17, 2011

you don't have to pay a lot for good news

Before we knew about Averi I went and bought an expensive pregnancy test similar to this:

WITH a coupon I think I spent $10-$15 on it. Ouch!
I saw on some blog or coupon site that the Dollar Tree carries pregnancy tests that work just as well as "expensive" ones. SO I bought some of those - - I could buy multiple tests and not drain the budget!! - - and took the (unopened) one from CVS back.

Dollar Tree Test:

Lo and behold they work!

Not only did one of these great little Dollar Tree tests tell us about Averi (known as "Mini" in the womb) but, a little before Christmas, one of them also told us about baby Jacks #2 ("Teenie")!!

"Teenie" is due August 30th and we are so excited!


Bethany said...

YAAAHHH!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!

Sophia Totra said...

WOWWW!!! so exciting! Shea will have a buddy a year younger than her. Can't wait to meet Teenie!