Friday, June 3, 2011

more kitchen gadgets, gizmos and projects

there is a new food staple present at our house
for the pregnant one especially.

thanks to a generous loan of her truly wonderful (truly) Bosch from my mother-in-law I have started making better quality whole grain bread products including bread, pizza dough and tortillas. I have attended some classes here and learned quite a bit and been given some great recipes too. My mom and I went in on this so now we are able to make great homemade whole wheat tortillas. Not only does my whole-wheat-loving-self eat them diligently and feed them to Averi, who seems to like them very much, but even sometimes-does-everything-have-to-be-whole-wheat-?- Peter think that the machine was a good investment. That's quite the compliment to this cook.

I have made homemade ww tortillas before with a rolling pin/cast iron skillet but these just turn out much more supple, soft, and thin - - all without as much work!


Kathleen said...

Hmmm, I am jealous of your tortilla maker.

Bethany said...

Yah for even more delicious breads from your kitchen!! And a double Yah! for making the husband happy too!! :-)

Heather@Cultivated Lives said...

My mom told me over 10 years ago that she would buy me a bosch when I had my fourth child... hahahaha. She upheld her end of the bargain and bought me one last week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I might need to have you come over and give me a lesson since Shar doesn't have a bread making class until the end of July. We made our first attempt this morning. (Rolls and Cin Rolls last week). Fresh tortillas sound delightful too.

Brooke Rabideau said...

Omg I made grilled cheese the other day, and we didn't have any tomato soup, and I was really wanting to make some! We didn't have any tomatoes either though :P