Wednesday, October 21, 2009

pulverizing a pumpkin

some big pumpkins at superstition ranch market, in mesa, were $.10/lbs.
this pumpkin was around $.95

bonus pirates of the caribbean sticker

with the goop

sans goop - thanks mostly to a handy grapefruit spoon

boiling pumpkin seeds for later toasting

olive oil and salt for seeds

roasting in the toaster oven while pumpkin is baking in the oven


there used to be more on that pan... someone ate some

I was slightly concerned after ignoring the pumpkins for about 1.5 hours to open the oven to this

I think a roasting pan would be a better option than a baking sheet for oven cleanliness

the sunken pumpkins


it scooped out of the sunken pumpkin surprisingly easily

the leftovers

the goods

directions for puree
directions for seeds

As I have 99.9% of the time (if not more) only used pumpkin from a can for my baked pumpkin goods it should be interesting to see how much of a taste difference there will be with "fresh" pumpkin.
That will probably require another post soon.


Rachel said...

Yum Jen, that looks good. I would totally be interested to know if you think the taste is worth the extra effort... I've been contemplating trying the same thing... I love seeing what you make! It is inspiring! Hope you and baby are doing great!

Kathleen said...

I have only made pumpkin like this by boiling it (for baby food) but I later learned that it supposedly doesn't taste as flavorful as roasting it does - like you did. I will give this a try. Libby pumpkin is $1.68 a can and that is just a crime.

thejacksgraze said...

Rachel - thanks! I did make some pumpkin rice pudding out of it (which I should post about...) and the pumpkin flavor, I thought, was good - like the canned stuff! (the pudding wasn't my very favorite...)

Kathleen - how long did you have to boil it for? that sounds interesting...

Heather said...

I boiled mine last year and just used a carving pumpkin. Although milder in flavor, we still enjoyed using the puree for pumpkin butter, pumpkin oatmeal, bread, muffins, etc...

Thanks for the link, I'm going to try roasting one this year. I actually have 3 carving pumpkins and one pie pumpkin that I plan on cooking for puree...

We'd love to hear about your adventures with using your pumpkin puree!

Rachel said...

My biggest problem with pumkins- while roasting the seeds i always forget to check on them often enough! They have always burned and that smell lingers!