Saturday, August 22, 2009

pasta sauce

cheese- - -check.
dough ingredients- - -check.
pasta sauce- - -negative.
google- - -check.
recipe found- - -check.
ingredients called for in said recipe - - -good enough.

this was easy - I used canned diced tomatoes (like they said not to in the recipe) and pulsed them a little in the vitamix for a more normal sauce consistency. I let it cook for a while on med/low to thicken (reduce). no lemons in the house for the zest - skip. used, I am guessing, 2-3x more red pepper flakes then called for and probably more tomatoes... It was good, easy, a little spicy, and went well with a fresh basil pizza. I'd make it again!

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Anna said...

Ha! Yes you found me, I figured I'm learning so many common wife things it would be fun to blog them and learn to laugh at myself :)