Sunday, August 16, 2009

crackers and corn tortillas

The crackers of the day - imitation wheat thins and saltines
Kathleen came over and brought her cracker making experience as well as daughter and taste tester, Claire.

Kathleen rolling the dough

sprinkling the (Kosher) salt

Claire likes them and she's cute so... they must be good

Then we went on to make some corn tortillas

can you trust Masa to be authentic when there is a picture of a Caucasian Quaker on the front of the bag?
that is the question

unfortunately, we did not test both bags of Masa and used this kind

non-appetizing raw tortilla balls

the "I don't have a tortilla press" rolling out process - between grocery bags. It works.
and this is a belly shot...

rolled and cooked

we even ate some for lunch (with other stuff)!

That was a fun time indeed.

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