Thursday, August 6, 2009

Queen of Torts??

I've made corn tortillas before - those are easy

the good news is - these are easy too!

I got the instructions/recipe from here.

These were made with 100% Whole Wheat Flour

:Ingredients were simple : mixed the dough : "de-ringed" for kneading:

:let dough rest: poked for no apparent reason: shaped and rested dough again:

:rolled on oiled surface: cooked:

:ate them:
OK - not all of them, yet. A number of them since last night, but not all of them.

thus saying, I plan on making these again but with less salt (probably half the salt). I don't know if I put a heaping tsp. in or if I did the classic Tbsp. for tsp. or what but the tortillas by themselves are much too salty. Thankfully covered with cheese or filled with peanut butter and honey they are just fine. That was a close one.

I made these this time because I was planning to go to Trader Joe's to purchase some of their 100% ww tortilla's and other baked goods. Then I realized I could try to make them. I think this was a better deal (money-wise, and probably comparable time-wise too since TJ's is about 35 min. away) and these are good - maybe even as good as TJ's!

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